The right digital signage software can help your business generate engagement from market consumers.

In today’s world of virtual technology, more and more businesses are leveraging the power of video. This trend will only continue to rise with the growing importance of digital sign displays. These touch screen displays have quickly transformed the way that businesses advertise and share information.

Today’s most common form of digital signage technology is a multi-monitor solution called video walls. These digital display boards are specifically designed to project one large picture out of multiple screens. Whether it’s a group of computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets that are tiled together, a video wall display is a unique way to capture one’s attention.

This blog will not only break down the basics of video boards, but we will also help you uncover which type of digital signage technology is best for your business.

Take Advantage of Video Wall and Digital Signage Solutions

When you think about video wall systems, what comes to mind? Many people will picture a wall of video monitors grouped together, but there is actually more than what meets the eye. The display might be the most visible portion of a video wall, but this solution has so much more to offer.

When it comes to digital signage, you want an advanced video wall that completely captivates your audience. The best solutions are durable, interactive, and produce appealing visual resolutions and high-quality audio. If you are considering any form of digital signage technology, then these are the top trends for your company to capitalize on:

Durable Displays

Durable video technology is a rapidly growing trend throughout many industries. These video wall systems are designed to withstand environmental elements. Durable displays are engineered out of rugged technology so they can be deployed in outdoor settings. They produce high brightness to stand out even in the brightest environments. With a durable display system, you’ll be able to generate attention in any high-traffic environment.

These are some of the unique features of durable display video walls:

  • Weather protection
  • Impact resistance and rugged controls
  • High IP ratings
  • Adaptable temperature controls

Interactive Multi-Touch Solutions

An interactive multi-touch display gives multiple users the ability to interact with the video wall at the same time. This unique form of digital signage is often used in business settings, educational environments, and even museums. When someone takes control of this video wall, it won’t affect the content that other users are also producing.

One of the industry’s best multi-touch solutions is Planar’s augmentation system installed at Seattle’s world famous Space Needle. This innovative video display is much more than just another form of digital signage. This sophisticated solution augments male and female user engagement and their response times.

Creative Installations Designs

Unorthodox video wall systems are some of the most popular forms of digital signage equipment. Simply put, one of the best ways to draw attention from bystanders is to install a system in an unconventional manner. Whether that’s a video board on the ceiling, in the floors, or one that hangs on the outside of a window, you’re bound to turn some heads by expressing your creativity in your technological display.

Some of the most popular forms of creative display technology include:

  • Moveable video detachments
  • Hangable video wall systems
  • Digital curves and wrap-around columns

Large Wall Displays

The larger, the better, they always say, right? That’s especially the case with digital signage technology. Large LED video walls are quickly taking the world by storm. Many companies choose full wall displays where every square inch of the wall is covered by a monitor. This is appealing to the masses as it sparks that “wow” factor from spectators.

When installing a large display board, these are the key things to consider:

  • Direct view LED walls only
  • Slim installation depths
  • High-resolution image quality
  • How the system affects energy efficiency

Improve Your Company’s Visual Performance With Techteriors

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