Since 2001, Techteriors has specialized in delivering high-quality custom audio/visual integration to homes and commercial workspaces. We work with nationally recognized brands to provide the most excellent sound quality and technical support. Two major parts of our technology solutions from the very beginning have been simplicity and functionality. The greatest audio visual services in the world won’t count for much if you need a support technician every time you want to use them.


We understand that our clients will only get the best out of their investment in AV technology when their employees are able to maximize its use and adoption into the day-to-day operations. To drive further integration, we have created TechU as a service offering and part of our post-installation support. The goal of the program is to teach you and your employees how to get the most from the AV equipment you have invested in.


We want you to be able to operate all of your audio visual systems, video conferencing, presentation, and automation equipment easily and without needing to call IT or maintenance staff every time. We have made it part of our customer service to equip you with the expertise and information to use your systems with ease for maximum performance. The customized training options that we offer include:      

AV Design and End-User System Usage

Our design services will help create the perfect system for your needs, but you need to know how to manage all its capabilities.

  • Outline of system features
  • Review of equipment end-users will be viewing or interacting with
  • Hands-on role-playing
  • Review of support escalation and TechCare™


Train-the-Trainer with AV Company Expertise

Our trainers will pass on their knowledge so that your people can spread the word and make sure that everyone shares in the value our AV equipment provides.


  • Outline of system features
  • Review all equipment end-users will be viewing or interacting with
  • Review all system components
  • Hands-on role-playing
  • Review potential end-user questions
  • Review of support escalation and TechCare™


Help Desk AV Support

We want you to understand the purpose behind all of the services we provide and be able to address minor issues on your own to prevent downtime for you.


  • Review all system components and their function within the system
  • Understanding AV signal path


    • Review points of potential failure
    • AV troubleshooting


  • Common questions or issues with this type of integrated system


Post Installation and Custom Training

Our training methods and tactics will be adapted to the needs of your workplace and the details of your systems.

    • One-on-One
    • C-Suite
    • Group Training
    • Blocks of Hours
    • Half-Day or All-Day


  • Step-by-Step Guides



Through this program, we are working to drive further adoption of our AV integration services and products. More than that, we improve the ROI of our clients through greater user understanding and experience. We bring an active learning approach that encourages users to have more comfort with all of the systems we design, engineer, and implement for you. TechU™ trainers tailor their teaching styles and materials to the knowledge level and background of all participants.


We have always delivered superior project management and AV production services, but now we can put the power in your hands. To learn more about TechU™ and our other services, contact Techteriors today. We are here to provide the highest quality service, and we are not happy will you are satisfied with our services.