techcare logo boxTechCare™ is a term we’ve coined at Techteriors which encompasses our commitment to customer service, customer satisfaction, post-installation support, and post-installation training. The TechCare™ Team aims to exceed your service expectations while extending the life of your equipment to help eliminate unforeseen equipment failures that lead to unwanted downtime. Through TechCare™ our commercial and residential clients have access to extended warranties, training tailored the individual needs of your staff, annual maintenance, loaner equipment and more!
Other services we offer through TechCare™ include but, are not limited to the following:

  • Calibrate picture quality of all TV’s & Projectors
  • Test Control System Interfaces
  • Replace Remote Batteries & Test Operation
  • Lighting & Shade Control Inspection
  • Inspect TV Mounts
  • Test Balance & Make Adjustments to Surround Sound
  • Test Phone System, Fax & Door Phone Operations
  • Inspect Audio & Video Equipment Locations
  • Clean Equipment, Fans & Filters
  • Network Management Services

For more information call us today at 877-690-1022 (Toll Free) or 262-243-9800!