Home Automation Control

Savant iPad Lutron Lighting ControlBring your home into the 21st century with a Smart Home control System from Techteriors. We put all the technology of your house on a single easy-to-use device, reducing clutter and streamlining the technology in your life.

Any of these can be integrated into your Smart Home:

  • Lights and/or Lighting Control
  • Home Audio
  • Security Systems/Locks
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Cordless Motorized Window Treatments
  • TV/Media
  • Temperature Controls
  • And more!

Your System will be scalable and can be matched to any budget.


Controlling all of your home electronics from one device makes sense. Why have different remotes for the TV, DVR, home audio, and DVD? One simple touch screen is all you need – with your home at your fingertips, you’ll never waste time searching for the right control or navigating countless tiny buttons. Techteriors also delivers personalized settings, so your lights turn on automatically when you come home, or your whole house shuts down as you leave for work. Anything you want is possible!


By programming your lights and temperature settings with Home Control, you can enjoy lower energy costs – by using lights and energy only when necessary. These can also be slightly dimmed. This is not noticeable, but the savings will be! Save time as well, by locking up your home and setting the security system, or getting our living room ready for movie-watching with a single button – the sky is the limit!

Control your home from anywhere

Savant-iPad2-horiz-black-VECTOR-TrueImage-Bedroom-300dpiAll the features of Smarty Home Control can be accessed with your smart mobile device. No more worries about leaving lights on or doors unlocked: with your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone you have your home in your pocket you can control and/or view your home remotely.

Experience the luxury and convenience of Smart Home Control, simply and affordable from Techteriors. Call us today at 877-690-1022 (Toll Free) or 262-243-9800!