The Benefits of Control4 Hidden Thermostats

The days of adjusting your home thermostat by turning a dial are long gone,
thanks to advanced technology from Control4, which offers home automation
products such as hidden thermostats. With this innovative product, professional
installers can place the thermostat out of sight, giving you free rein
with your preferred interior design scheme. The installers will also place
multiple hidden sensors at strategic points throughout the home, which
guide the home automation system in maintaining your ideal environment.

With hidden sensors and thermostats, you can alter your home’s environment
with the touch of a button. Adjust the temperature or fan speed through
your Control4 remote, smartphone, or tablet. Control4 thermostats offer
you the capability to establish different modes for your home, which perfectly
adjusts the temperature when you’re at home or away from home, whether
it’s summer or winter, and whether it’s sunrise or sunset.

For Control4 installation near Glendale, WI, contact Techteriors, LLC at
(262) 243-9800. We offer a full suite of
security and home control services, including climate control.

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