Hidden Technologies at the Office

Technological innovations such as
office automation systems have enabled workers to become more efficient and productive,
which in turn facilitates the company’s ability to meet objectives.
With hidden technologies such as surveillance and security systems, automated
shading systems, and custom lighting, companies can also maintain their
ideal working environment effortlessly.

Custom Lighting

You may be surprised by how significant lighting controls can be in
establishing an ideal office workspace. Custom lighting installers can work with you to design an office automation
system that makes the best use of natural lighting while providing your
ideal artificial lighting. You may wish to have separate lighting controls
installed for different areas of your office, for example. You could even
opt for automatic energy saving modes to make your business more environmentally
friendly. All of these lighting controls can be easily accessed via tablet,
smartphone, remote, or wall-mounted devices.

Automated Shading Systems

Custom lighting fixtures and controls are only the first step toward taking
advantage of hidden technologies in your office. Many business owners
opt to have automated shading systems installed as well. The motorized
shades can be automatically set to open in the morning and close at night.
This means that instead of spending your time and energy making your office
ready for work each day, you can walk into any office or conference room
and find it already prepared for you.

Surveillance and Security Systems

Another important component of office automation systems is security. You’ve
worked hard to ensure the success of your company; now it’s time
to protect it. You can have professional installers set up your custom
designed surveillance and security system, including video monitoring,
closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), video recording capabilities,
and secure locking systems. These hidden office technologies grant you
peace of mind and let you focus on your business.

Techteriors, LLC is your source for superior commercial and residential
automation design in Madison, WI. We work closely with businesses to design
a system that meets their unique needs and facilitates maximum productivity.
To discuss an automation design for your company, give us a call at (262)
243-9800 or browse our website to read more about our suite of exceptional
products and services.

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