Collaborative Technologies in the Workplace

It’s undeniable that workplace technology has irreversibly changed
the way in which companies are managed. Coworkers are just as likely to
converse with each other across continents as they are across a cubicle wall.
Office automation plays a crucial role in bringing companies into the 21
st century, including technologies that allow for more productive, meaningful

Conference Room Technology

The SMART Room System is among the most advanced office automation systems.
With a range of size options, you can choose the right system for each
of your meeting rooms. This product enables you to easily ink over common
software applications, including Microsoft Adobe and Excel. With its Unbound
Workspace, you can pan and zoom easily to work on any detail and the HD/LCD
display provides unparalleled touch capabilities. This office automation
system also offers enhanced audio for up to five tabletop microphones,
along with panoramic video that adjusts for any level of lighting. With
its Proximity Detection that automatically turns the system on when employees
walk into the room, work can begin almost immediately. The SMART Room
System is truly on the cutting edge of collaborative workplace technologies.

Mobile Technology

Workplaces have become increasingly mobile, allowing employees to collaborate
with colleagues and
connect with projects from virtually anywhere. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices can log on to mobile
wireless hot spots, allowing workers to enjoy a harmonious work-life balance
while remaining deeply engaged with their projects.

Cloud-Based Work Management Platforms

Cloud-based work management platforms go hand-in-hand with the increasing
use of mobile technology for workplace collaboration. With a cloud-based
management platform, employees no longer need to carry around bulky storage
solutions. Instead, they can access projects stored off-site from anywhere.

For advanced technological solutions that improve the productivity of your
employees, turn to Techteriors, LLC. We provide sophisticated office automation
services in Mequon, including the SMART Room System. For more information
about our automation technologies, visit us on the Web or call (262) 243-9800
to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

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