Improve collaboration, boost energy efficiency, and avoid tech issues that slow down meetings with the right huddle room technology.

You’ll probably be able to find at least one conference room in any commercial building. These meeting spaces get a lot of use, but unfortunately many employees don’t find the meetings in these rooms very effective. It’s common for companies to struggle with putting on engaging and productive meetings, largely due to the fact that they don’t have the right technology.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to leading trends in conference room technology and show you how they can help your team conduct more meaningful meetings.

Collaboration Technologies For Your Office Environment

A conference room is only as good as the equipment that’s installed. In a world dominated by virtual technology, companies need cutting-edge AV equipment that optimizes every aspect of your meeting space. With the right audio and visual resources present, you’ll be able to hold a more productive and effective meeting for all parties involved.

In order to bring new life to your conference venue, you’ll need technology that:

  • Enables effective and clear communication
  • Shines a comfortable light throughout the entire room
  • Clears up enough meeting space
  • Improves the sound quality of the speaker system

You’ll be able to check all of these boxes and build the perfect conference room by taking advantage of these unique and innovative trends:

Wireless Video Presentation Systems

We currently live in an age where the most sufficient technology is wireless. With the growing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), policies, tablets, smartphones, and laptops are gaining more use during business meetings. Wireless presentation decks make it easier for your team to follow along and collaborate during meetings.

With a wireless presentation system, users are able to mirror the presenter’s display on their own personal devices. They can customize their own presentation forms and share that information by casting it on the presentation screen. This can help promote more engaging content, which can trigger more discussion and collaboration from the audience.

Some of the top features of a wireless video presentation includes:

  • Remote screen sharing / multi-site collaboration: Users are able to connect to live presentations from remote locations. This gives users the ability to collaborate during meetings without even being physically present.
  • Dual-network protection: Connect wirelessly without putting your network at risk. Audience members will have access to the presentation materials, but the presenter’s other data will be left confidential.
  • User-friendly controls: There isn’t any expensive hardware to install to connect to a wireless video presentation, which makes the setup quite easy. Just walk into the meeting and start making contributions that you deem necessary directly to the presentation.

Room Scheduling Software

Have you ever barged into a conference room in the middle of someone else’s meeting? Well, save the embarrassment, because those days are over. Room booking systems enable you to easily schedule a meeting in your preferred collaboration space. Users will be able to monitor occupancy levels, room schedules, and much more. All you have to do is integrate your email calendar and book a room at your own convenience.

The main benefits of a conference room booking system are:

  • Sophisticated reservations: You’ll be able to book any room with open availability with just a touch of a button. Users will receive email alerts with real-time updates about room occupancies to help prevent double-booking.
  • Real-time room status: The touch panel shows the status of each room, reservation, and schedule.
  • Email integrations: The latest editions of room reservation systems are compatible with calendars in all major email programs including Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Applications.

Room Automation and Smart AV Control

When it comes to conference room technology, companies need cutting-edge AV equipment that optimizes every aspect of your meeting space. Today’s conference rooms are modernized with more automated control. These commercial AV solutions can be programmed to set the tone of the entire meeting space.

Prepping the board room before a big meeting has never been easier. With smart AV controls, users will be able to set each room’s audio and video elements well in advance. This ensures that the following pieces of equipment will be set to its preferred setting prior to the time of the meeting:

  • Projectors
  • Speaker systems
  • Monitors and screens
  • Lights and window shades

Make Conferences More Effective With Techteriors

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