Techteriors has been in the business of providing specialized audio and visual integration since 2001. Our audio system technicians have become experts in the high-end home audio and commercial audio equipment. Part of our commitment to customer service involves finding the best equipment and devices available in our market today. High-quality audio design and product performance are essential to all of our services and discovering the most excellent tools are what keeps us on the cutting-edge.


High-End Audio for Your Home or Office


Founded in 1949, McIntosh has become one of the most well-known names for delivering the ultimate audio performance. They pride themselves on creating some of the world’s best home audio systems. Putting the power of professional surround sound quality in your living room has kept them in business and thriving for over 70 years.

Similar to Techteriors, they take a personal interest in helping people find the best audio experience for their unique needs. They have performed countless hours of audio research into what makes the perfect home theaters and speaker systems. They have created brand recognition through their iconic blue Watt output meter, and it has become a globally recognized signature of high-quality audio devices.


Find World-Class Sound Quality in High-End Home Audio


In some cases, the lifecycle of McIntosh equipment has turned out to be longer than the lifespan of its original owners. Because of that longevity, their engineers take the quality of their products seriously. Often, the design, development, and testing process for a new product will take one year or more before they are satisfied it is up to their performance standards. An extraordinary level of attention to detail goes into the construction of every McIntosh product.


Parts of their unique circuit board components are still soldered by hand for quality control. The McIntosh distinctive vacuum tube amps are still manufactured today, it is one of the most revered tube amps in the audio industry today. Over their 70 years in business, they have become the preferred audio equipment of choice for many professional musicians and recording artists across the world. Their library of famous users include:

  • Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead
  • Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • Tony Visconti, a legendary music producer
  • Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys

In 1969, it was McIntosh products that powered the sound of Woodstock for its historic three day run. They have earned a pedigree of appreciation that crosses all genres of music and has kept their name at the top of the industry.  

A Dynamic Range of High-End Audio Equipment


Their products are not just built for the rich and famous either. They offer a wide range of products and flexible strategies for meeting the audio needs of anyone’s household. The level of technology has also kept up with the times and today they provide streaming audio products and bluetooth capable speaker systems for the modern home.


Combined with Techteriors audio/visual automation controls, you can have a high-end customized audio system for your house with simple and easy controls. You will be able to run the entire system with one interface, and your audio options can be integrated into our other available residential services, multi-room audio/video and home theater installation.


To learn more about McIntosh and all of the services available at Techteriors, contact us today.