The Crestron Mercury collaboration system improves communication across the board, makes team meetings more productive, and establishes peace of mind.

What comes to mind when you hear the term “collaboration”? It’s not uncommon to picture a group of people sitting around a conference table arguing about certain details of a project. Then think about what’s going on at the front of that conference room. You might see team members struggling to get their presentation running. While both of these issues are extremely concerning, the biggest headache is making sure that you have all the right people in attendance, especially those that are working from remote locations.

When it comes to team collaboration, the right technology makes all the difference. In order to make the meeting experience valuable for your team, you’ll need a fast and user-friendly conference phone and web collaboration tools that help streamline communication for all parties involved.

Introducing Crestron Mercury: Your All-In-One Collaboration Solution

Simply put, the Crestron Mercury system is designed to help your team hold more efficient meetings while preventing miscommunication in the process. This unique collaboration platform brings a number of useful features to conference rooms everywhere. You can learn everything there is to know about this one-of-kind solution just by asking these three simple questions:

What Is Crestron Mercury?

Crestron Mercury is more than just a video conferencing solution. This user-friendly console is the ultimate web of connections. The Crestron Mercury is a very powerful table-top solution that enables people to work together and share content during important business meetings regardless of the location or conferencing service. It doesn’t matter what type of web collaboration program that you prefer to use either, because this touch screen device is the only UC and AV tool that supports any video conferencing application.

What Are Its Features and Benefits?

The Crestron Mercury tabletop system is a highly-functioning meeting room control console. This display device is equipped with a variety of features and specifications to help boost efficiency in any collaboration space.

These are only some of the primary things that you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Open-source SIP compliant conference phone
  • AirMedia wireless presentation integrations
  • One-touch booking
  • High-quality microphone and speaker systems
  • Bluetooth audio and mobile phone integration
  • Cloud-based provisioning at enterprise and management levels
  • High-visibility mute alert system
  • Onscreen room displays and meeting details
  • Audio and visual integration controls
  • Full connectivity for all video conferencing applications
  • Automated sensor system to detect levels of occupancy and usage data

How Can It Help My Business?

There are a variety of ways that the Crestron Mercury can help your organization gain an edge. Here are some of the areas that this flexible solution will be able to help with most:

  • Call quality: Crestron Mercury seamlessly connects to your conference room’s audio equipment. Its open SIP conference calling adapter pairs calls from all locations, which makes it sound as if everyone was in the same room.
  • Collaboration efforts: Under the Mercury, users have access to every video conferencing application. Simply connect your laptop or mobile device to the Mercury program and add your contributions to the live presentation.
  • Energy and cost-efficiency: The Crestron Mercury’s provisioning system helps administrators control usage data within the conference room. You’ll be able to set occupancy limits to help prevent outrageous IT and energy bills.
  • Scheduling: Room scheduling has never been easier than with the Crestron Mercury system. Its one-touch room display and calendar system is easy to navigate and modify, allowing you to book rooms with just the click of a button.

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