Video Walls

Video Walls

 Need a way to bring the “wow-factor” to your public areas? How about a professionally installed LCD video wall?

An Investment In Your Business

A hi-def LED video wall display is a powerful way to promote your business and present your message. Video walls and digital signage are newer technologies that fill an old need. These displays give you an outlet to showcase your company’s culture and creativity. A video wall can enhance your video presentations by allowing the user to totally customize the content and timing of images. Layouts and presentations can be created, saved, and recalled whenever they are needed.

How do you want to use your video wall?

  • Do you need LED screens or flat panel displays?​ – Flat panels give you high resolution at a lower initial cost, but they have a bezel separating each screen. LED video walls are seamless and brighter and can be used outdoors and indoors. They are generally more expensive.
  • Where do you want to put it? ​- At Techteriors, we can install complicated video walls such as those on curved surfaces. Additionally, video walls can be oriented horizontally or vertically or a combination of both, the creative possibilities are endless.
  • How many displays will you need?​ – A wall with 3-5 columns of LED video displays is classy and eye catching. They can be installed in virtually any size.
  • How will you control content?​ – Video wall controllers are important in that they not only handle the inputs and outputs and what your customers see, but they calibrate color and timing across all screens. This allows the viewer to see all screens as one instead of individuals and
    changes can be made in real time. You can use a media server appliance, individual inputs, or even use video control embedded in the displays.

Eye-catching video brings the edge you are looking for.

Let the experts install the perfect display for you

The audio/video experts at Techteriors can design the perfect LED display or video wall that fits your business’ budget and needs. We use only the finest Planar and Nanolumen displays for our projects. Our industry-leading customer service will help you every step of the way, from concept to completion to post-installation service, support, and training. We will make sure your investment is working from day one. No job is too big or too small, call us for a consultation today!

An eye-catching LED video wall is a way to advertise your business that won’t fade. Take it up a notch with a video wall solution from Techteriors.