Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Reduce noise distractions and keep the background noise to a minimum with sound masking from Techteriors.

What Is Sound Masking?

Sound masking or active sound masking technology introduces a specifically engineered white noise into your office space to blend with the sounds of people talking into phones or having cross-cubicle conversations. Strategically placed speakers emit a slight “whooshing” sound or white noise, that can be described as gentle airflow or running water. This sound isn’t noticed when it’s on, but it is missed when turned off. Anyone talking won’t be compelled to talk over it and the people listening won’t have strain to hear over it. Sound masking systems allow you to create an acoustically comfortable background sound level to reduce noise distractions and mask sound that can’t be blocked or absorbed by other methods.

Is Your Office Too Quiet?

Many business spaces, especially open plan office layouts, find that sounds and noises from a normal business day can affect speech privacy and employee concentration. The problem is that in most office environments there is very little ambient background sound to blend with speech and incidental noises, especially when businesses try to cut costs by putting more employees in smaller spaces. People need to work in almost total silence because even the slightest noise seems amplified without using office sound masking. This causes a jarring distraction which effects employee concentration, it takes more effort for them to focus ultimately affecting productivity. A quiet environment can make communication difficult since speakers may think people are listening in on their conversations making employees and visitors nervous about speaking louder than in a hushed tone.

Keep the noise levels down by adding office sound masking technologies.

Techteriors Can Help!

Our sound engineers will measure the decibel level in your workplace and install the perfect solution to help keep your employees on track and to protect their speech privacy. Reduce hallway noise, provide the ideal solution for call centers, and soften the noise in loud waiting rooms or lobbies with active sound masking. Some sounds masking systems can be used for paging or music as well. Call Techteriors today to schedule a consultation!

Create a comfortable, distraction-free environment for your employees and visitors. Call Techteriors today to find out how!