Lighting and Shade Control

The amount and quality of lighting makes a huge difference in any room. Set a bright mood in your office with Lighting Control from Techteriors. Whether you want special fixtures in the reception area, or a whole-office approach, Techteriors has your solution for superior lighting. At Techteriors, we can help you control the natural light with automated or cordless shading solutions and the light within your business with a lighting control system.

Lighting control has become affordable and is fully scalable. It is one of the latest trends in commercial spaces. And, Techteriors also has a full-service electrical department for all your electric needs. Call today for on-site consultation 877-690-1022 (Toll Free) or 262-243-9800.

Custom lighting for your unique needs.

At Techteriors, we recognize that every office is unique. We start each project with a free, no obligation consultation, to make sure you will get the results you want. We deliver any custom solution you can think of: conference rooms set up for presentations at the touch of a button, automatic energy saving modes for the overnight hours, even separate lighting control for different areas of your office. All controlled simply and easily from a wall mounted device, remote, tablet or even your smart phone.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and post-installation care. Your satisfaction is our number one priority! Call Techteriors today at 877-690-1022 (Toll Free) or 262-243-9800.

Automated Shading Systems

Fine-tune the lighting in your office with Automated Shading Systems from Techteriors. By combining the lighting fixtures and control you already have with motorized shades, you can get the perfect lighting and save on energy as well. Techteriors can program your system to have the shades go up or down making your conference room “meeting ready” before you walk through the door for your important meeting or presentation.

Efficiency: reduce energy usage during bright days.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your lights could somehow know when they are not needed? When the sun is streaming in, flooding your office with natural light, do you really need all your lights on? Automated Shading and Lighting Systems from Techteriors can help. In combination with our Smart Office Systems, we streamline this process: let in the light during the day, and close up at night, for added security and privacy. Your system can be programmed to follow the astronomical clock reducing glare on computers and saving on energy costs.


Customized projects, outstanding service.

At Techteriors, customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We take great pride in our industry leading service, and always follow up with post-installation care, support and training; you can be sure you are well taken care of with our expert staff. We will be here if you have future technology needs. So call us today at 877-690-1022 (Toll Free) or 262-243-9800.