Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Let Techteriors install your interactive digital signage and bring your company’s message into the 21st century.

Deliver Your Message With Style

Digital technology continues to revolutionize our everyday lives. And when it comes to communication and promotions, digital signage systems transform the way we relay information. If you’re looking for a unique and intuitive way to spread an important message, a digital display is probably the best solution for you.

With digital signs, you can expect a higher recall rate than with any other traditional media. Customers will come to your location just because your digital sign caught their eye. These scalable electronic displays project a variety of color and transition patterns that are bright enough to capture anyone’s attention.

Techteriors provides businesses with digital signage solutions that are durable, cost-effective, and easy to use. Users are able to design custom messages simply by logging in to a content management system. From there, you can schedule when the message will appear using a specific menu board. Our extensive collection of outdoor LCD displays are bright and vibrant enough to reflect even in direct sunlight. In addition, we install eye-popping indoor video walls to catch the attention of passersby.

Benefits of Digital Signage Displays

Digital signage systems are great ways for companies to gain a competitive edge. As the market for digital display technology grows, its impact becomes more pivotal. From a marketing standpoint, digital signage is a great way to relay your messages to mass audiences. It can also be used internally to promote job opportunities and company events. Either way, the experts at Techteriors provide users with cutting-edge resources to:

  • Greet your guests
  • Present announcements
  • Showcase product descriptions
  • Share employee profiles
  • Show special menu items
  • And much more!

Why Digital Signage?

Most people are visual learners. In fact, Thermopylae claims that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Humans are a pattern-seeking species, one that is concerned with visual processing. And since digital signage is a visual medium, the brain responds quickly to what is displayed on the screen.

But let’s not argue the facts. Here are some of the reasons it makes sense to bring digital sign technology into your working environment:

  • Digital signage has been proven to increase brand awareness by 47.7%, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • 4 of every 5 brands have improved their sales by at least 33% after adopting digital technology.
  • Interactive digital displays lead to more workplace engagement, lower absenteeism, fewer safety accidents, fewer quality defects, and higher productivity.
  • Only 10% to 20% of written or spoken information is retained for more than three days, while 80% to 90% of visuals are recognized longer.
  • Presentations are proven to be 43% more persuasive with visual aids, according to Huffpost.

Grab Attention From Any Location

Display anything you want to communicate, in real time, through brilliant colors and ultra-bright digital displays. Digital signs can be found in restaurants, shopping centers, offices, stadiums and other sports venues, hotels, airports, hospitals, and any other place where information needs to be conveyed quickly. They can be used in waiting areas to update customers, break rooms to communicate with employees, or outside your restaurant to show off a hot new menu item. The possibilities of digital signage are endless!

Make an impact with a dynamic digital signage display.

A Sign for Every Business

Digital signs are designed to serve many purposes. As a primary media display, a digital sign is used to project images and videos, while also streaming important information. In the long run, this sophisticated solution will save you a lot of time and money because it replaces brochures or other printed materials. And the best part about it is a digital sign can be customized to work for unique business models in any type of industry, most notably:

  • Retail centers: More and more retail outlets have started to take advantage of digital signage to promote sales and product information. This provides brand exposure to shoppers and potential customers. For best results, it’s wise to promote retail in key traffic areas near check-outs and service desks.
  • Quick-service restaurants: Large restaurant chains use digital menu boards to speed up meal orders. This is an engaging way to promote multiple meal combinations to customers. Digital menu boards are equipped with a variety of content such as food photos and dietary information.
  • Travel agencies: In the travel industry, it’s vital to illustrate the idea of vacations, and digital signage systems are excellent platforms for promoting those travel opportunities. Many travel agencies take advantage of digital signage to display travel-related data such as holiday specials, flight information, weather updates, and much more.
  • The food market: Digital price boards are popular trends in the grocery industry. Food prices fluctuate regularly, so this digital sign keeps consumers updated with the latest sales. These displays also take away the monotony of store clerks having to manually update sticker prices. You can control the content of your digital display in real time, while promoting any photos and videos of the store’s brand.

Wayfinding Support

Visiting a new location can be overwhelming, especially in high-traffic environments such as urban areas, healthcare centers, airports, and educational facilities. Digital signage systems help guide people in the right direction with their wayfinding features. Wayfinding is the process of guiding people through a physical environment. This interactive navigation application can be found in any indoor or outdoor digital display system. So if you do get lost in one of these areas, just walk up to the digital sign and plug in your intended destination. You’ll get the safest and most efficient directions to take you where you need to be.

Easy to Use, Fully Customizable

Techteriors installs digital signage solutions that are perfect for any of your needs. One of the biggest advantages digital signage gives you over traditional video media is the ability to change your content on demand. Our signage solutions are easy to manage, and you control all the content yourself or have a content management company handle it for you. We will design your display in virtually any size and shape, so the final product will fit perfectly in your space. The digital signage software is also compatible with social media, so you can incorporate peer-to-peer recommendations and posts in your messaging.

Full-Service Digital Sign Solutions

As a top digital signage player, the Techteriors team never fails to bring its A game. No task is too big or small for us to handle. Whether we’re tuning up an LED sign or installing a new outdoor display, our team will provide a wealth of knowledge throughout the entire initiative. Our team is a group of problem solvers who work tirelessly to ensure our clients and partners are ahead of the curve. Be at peace knowing we’ll be in your corner from the initial design to the installation and beyond.

You can always count on Techteriors for an industry-specific solution that aligns with your business goals and company budget. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor digital signage, we’ll support your team with a display system that’s affordable, highly functional, and long-lasting. Call Techteriors today and we’ll show you how digital signage technology can help you reach your customers and guests in a bold, new, eye-catching way. Call us today to get started!

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