How Integrated Video Conferencing Technology is Enhancing How You Do Business

When your employees need to work together to accomplish a goal, fix a problem, or start a project, what is the first thing they do? They meet with each other.

Meetings are a way of life for most professionals, or really, any employed individual. If asked if they like meetings, you’ll probably get a mixed response from your employees. But one thing they will probably say is that meetings are necessary and even productive. The difficulties lie in the logistics of getting busy people with full schedules in the same room at the same time. As your business gets busier, this is harder to do and therefore, much more stressful for your employees. This can lead to hesitation to hold a meeting or reliance on emails to get ideas across.

The good news is this is an opportunity for you as a business owner to give your employees the tools they need to enhance their collaborative relationships. Techteriors has the experience and the knowledge to properly apply technology where it is needed most. The ability to meet allows your busy employees to take control of their day and is perhaps the most useful collaborative tool available.

Video Conferencing Allows for Uninterrupted Collaboration

Modern workplaces take many shapes, designs, and sizes, and the most important thing a proper video conferencing platform gives your business is the ability to meet, share files and ideas, and get things done. Whether the attendees are down the hall or across the globe, you should be able to meet with anyone from anywhere. This seems like a lofty goal, but with the right technology and the right AV partner, it is completely possible.

Eliminate Miscommunication

It’s difficult to express ideas properly over email, and phone meetings only allow one person to talk at a time, forcing everyone to wait their turn. A face to face meeting allows for better communication but when that is not possible, live video conferencing is the next best thing. To be able to see your listener is also to be able to communicate to them with feeling and emotion.  This gets your ideas across, clearly and effectively.

Share Ideas More Effectively

Instead of telling, why not show? Screen sharing is one of the most important aspects of remote business meetings and the right video conferencing software allows you to do that safely and seamlessly. Not only should audio and video be clear, but you should have the ability to share documents, look at the same spreadsheets, browse the same webpages, and look at the same maps to be able to draw the same conclusions. Video conferencing makes everything easier, including the sharing of ideas.

Optimize Your Video Conferencing with Techteriors

We have been designing video conferencing systems for a long time and we have grown along with the changes in technologies and technique. The fact is that easy business collaboration isn’t a mystery or some expensive function that is only for large companies. You can easily implement the same technology so your employees can work better, business runs smoother, and innovation and inspiration flow freely within your company, no matter what it is you do.


Call us today. We would be happy to hear your challenges and offer you some sensible, and cost-effective solutions.