The elements in AV technology tend to remain the same. The base goal of AV to to provide users with the ability the see and hear content and the AV system is the delivery system. Modern buildings and homes use existing LAN, or WAN  as an AV infrastructure to seamlessly transmit and present audio and video content.


Better and easier ways to connect AV equipment means big benefits to AV systems design.


Since you are using existing networks to connect your equipment throughout your home and business, there is no reason to open up walls or ceilings to run wires. To traditional AV installers, this represents an entirely new world. Now, new AV systems can be installed at a fraction of the cost since integrated systems usually require keeping the cables to connected displays and speakers out of sight. Installing and distributing cables is expensive and time-consuming and each cable provides a point of failure for a system that will mostly be hidden behind walls.

Speed and quality

When you use your existing network to communicate your audio and video can communicate in real time. Digital connections also offer higher quality content delivery, especially if paired with a dedicated IP network. IP control will streamline the troubleshooting of technical issues because the system centrally managed all devices.


An AV over IP can distribute dynamic content in different formats to multiple displays and speakers. Simple architecture means easier maintenance. This translates to lower hardware costs and fewer maintenance needs in the future. When you need to expand your system, you can easily integrate new equipment and technology.



An AV over IP connection allows you to take content from multiple sources, PC’s, cameras, media players, phones, satellite boxes, tablets, cable boxes and more to any destination. Video presentations on a PC can be easily connected to a projector or a smartboard to enable visitors to connect to and use your system.


Put the AV experts at Techteriors to work for you

When you want to integrate all the diverse technologies in your meeting room or throughout your entire home, turn to Techteriors. Our dedication to customer service means we aren’t done after the installation, our goal is to form lasting partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand the application of the room and how you will use it.


AV over IP is the new way to distribute audio and video and we have world-class programmers that have the technological know-how to meet the needs of your project. Our AV pros know all the latest technology inside and out and will make sure the solution we provide is what you are looking for. Our professional project managers will make sure the entire project is done on time and within budget. Give Techteriors a call to schedule a free consultation visit today!

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