Why collaborative technology is the key to succeeding with remote teams

Working remotely is a huge part of our changing workplaces. Now, thanks to technology, employees can easily work from home or on the go, which gives them the flexibility to perform their jobs while your company doesn’t have to make compromises on productivity or quality of work. A 2017 report found that over 3.9 million employees in the US worked from home at least half the time. This represents 2.9 percent of the workforce and a 115 percent increase from 2005.


Advancements in technology also allow remote branches of your business the ability to communicate and collaborate easier. Documents can easily be shared, meetings can be flexible, and, perhaps most importantly, video conferencing is easier and more accessible than ever.

Remote Teams Need Video Conferencing to Collaborate

Phone calls, online chats, and emails are great for communication because they are immediate and allow for an explanation. There is no real substitute for video conferencing, however. When you can see someone’s face through video it adds a personal touch to whatever is being discussed. Video conferencing adds immediacy, formality, and weight to a meeting. And all stakeholders can be included in a video conference no matter where they are. The technology required won’t necessarily break the bank and Techteriors can help you design the perfect solution that takes your needs and budget fully into account.

Remote Conferencing Will Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Sometimes the best people can’t be all in one place at the same time. Remote teams and individuals need a secure, easy channel to seamlessly communicate. The right technology will allow for all of your virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and general communication needs. Technology has grown and your business has powerful collaboration tools at your fingertips such as huddle-room technology, project management and visibility software, screen sharing, video streaming, online meeting rooms, real-time audio and video, and seamless and secure file sharing software. But, the right web conferencing technology will depend on how your company will use it.


Reduce Costs with Video Conferencing

Travel is expensive and intrusive. There aren’t many employees that are fond of dropping everything, getting on a plane, and traveling to a face-to-face meeting at a moments notice. A smart company will divert the funds they use on travel to developing their video conferencing capabilities. Even if your employees don’t need to fly across the country or the world and the longest trip is down the hall, video conferencing will still save you time and money.


Techteriors Can Design the Perfect Video Conferencing Solution for You

Your business needs an intelligent environment and part of what will make it so smart is choosing the right video conferencing technology. Check out some of our conference room design capabilities or give us a call today. We make all the components of your video conference technology easy-to-use and able to work in perfect harmony with your business operations.