The big meeting is coming up. You need to make a good impression and truly sell your business or service. However, it is a remote meeting, and you are hosting. Here are a few tips for remote meetings to make sure it is a success.

Prepare your technology – Face to face meetings, where you have to wait 15 minutes for the technology to get its act together, are both annoying and a waste of time. Technology is even more critical for virtual meetings. Nobody wants to stare at a blank screen or wonder where the audio went or why the internet connection was lost. Get everything in order well ahead of time and equally important, make sure you know how to set your technology up and how to troubleshoot your audio or video conferencing equipment it if anything goes wrong.

Be clear about how to connect – Send careful instructions before the meeting so there are no last-minute scrambles to figure out how to join. You should specify if there will be video so people can prepare.

Share screens – Collaboration is much easier when participants can engage each other with screen sharing. If anyone needs to use a personal device, make sure they are clear how to utilize it and that your system is secure enough to handle it.

Treat it like an in-person meeting – Start on-time and make sure there is a clear agenda that was shared prior to the meeting. The meeting should stick to a predetermined plan.

Remember that there are time zones – A four-hour time difference is a significant one. While it is 9am on the east coast, your colleagues on the west coast are still asleep. This is even more critical for international meetings. For international clients, it helps to be informed about any holidays or other events they might have that conflict with their schedule.

Introduce everyone – If you are hosting the meeting, make sure all participants have been properly introduced. This allows for easier interaction and will keep people engaged.

A little preparation will go a long way to making your remote meeting a successful and productive one. Techteriors will help your business prepare for remote meetings. At Techteriors, it is our mission to provide our commercial clients with technology to assist them in selling and delivering their products and services. Your ability to successfully hold remote meetings will go a long way in boosting your corporate image and establish stronger relationships. Call us today for a free consultation!