Have you ever had a business meeting go wrong, or take twice as long as it should have? Managing a busy day in the workplace is all about avoiding things that steal your time and staying on task. Handling a business conference is no different, we must prevent those time thieves from taking away our productivity. There are all sorts of ways to destroy productivity in the workplace during a conference, but few factors have a more significant impact than the presentation technology that we use going wrong.


Conference Room Technology Issues that Always Destroy Productivity


In this blog, we will cover some of the biggest ways that technology can go awry and wreck an otherwise excellent presentation. We will also look into how you can prevent these issues from cropping up in your workplace by partnering with Techteriors.

  1. Missed Connections
  2. Poor Signal Strength
  3. Complicated Directions
  4. Awkward Communication
  5. Weak Office Collaboration


Get Rid of Missed Connections with Our Commercial AV Solutions

Imagine that you show up for meeting early to run through your presentation and make sure it all works. Then, you look at your laptop and realize the A/V setup here doesn’t have the connections you need. You can’t connect to the big screen and the high-quality speakers, and everyone will have to gather around your little screen to watch the presentation that was meant for a larger screen.

Techteriors can make sure this scenario never happens to you with efficient integrated technology that creates a fully-functional meeting space. Whether that means wireless presentations or a custom audio visual solution for your company, we will be there with our creative edge and technological expertise.  


A Professional AV Company to Help You Stop Worrying about Poor Signal Strength

You are right in the middle of the meeting when the screen freezes or the phone line turns into static. The client or partner you were speaking with has disappeared, and now you have to waste valuable time trying to reconnect. This isn’t just an issue for your team members, it is a problem for customer retention and collaboration as a whole.


At Techteriors, we will help you determine the cause of your poor signal strength. We will make recommendations on ways to upgrade your service plans or improve your wireless connections. Our services will also help you implement backup strategies for when the unexpected happens and wireless or cloud technology fails you.   


Streamline Complicated Directions with High-Quality Customer Service

This time you’re early for the conference call and everything is connected and working well. You just dialed in the needlessly long access number and you’re waiting for everyone else to join the conversation. There’s a long silence on the phone line and you start to worry that you got the number wrong. So, you hang up and try again, still no sound. You don’t know whether to wait it out and try dialing in again.


There is no reason you should have to deal with overly-complicated codes and access numbers. With Techteriors, we will provide commercial AV solutions that are secure for your business operations and still offer easy access for all authorized parties involved.  

Video Conferencing Eliminates Awkward Communication


You’ve got an important client on the speakerphone because your office doesn’t have video conferencing capabilities. The conversation is full of awkward pauses and people mistakenly talking over each other. You don’t want to interrupt them, but you don’t want awkward silence either.


Professional video conferencing eliminates this embarrassing situation entirely. You’ll be able to see each other with excellent clarity and dynamically engage with your clientele. High-quality video conferences don’t have to be expensive or difficult to manage. Techteriors offers solutions that are affordable and comfortable to use.


Put Your Meeting Room in Order and Eliminate Weak Office Collaboration


Have you ever had a meeting interrupted by someone who thought it was their time to use the conference room? Ever shown up for a meeting only to find out that someone else took the piece of display equipment you need? Techteriors has the ability to deliver easily viewable room scheduling and stay up-to-date on who is supposed to be using what technology.


The Techteriors Advantage


We will be there to optimize the entire conference experience for you with commercial audio and video solution services like sound masking, abatement, and lighting controls. The best conference technology in the world won’t protect you from the loud desk neighbors having cross-cubicle conversations.

  • Sound Masking
    • This service injects a specially designed white noise into your workspace. It creates an acoustically comfortable level of background noise throughout the office that drowns out the background chatter and turns it into harmless white noise    
  • Sound Abatement
    • It is likely that you’ve got sources of noise all over your office. HVAC equipment, coworkers, printers, and outside sources create audio pollution that distracts employees and hinders productivity. We have the sound absorption and dissolving technology to make your environment a more pleasurable place to be.  
  • Lighting Controls
    • Quality lighting makes a significant difference for your overall work-life experience. Every day with too much light or not enough wears on anyone and will tire out your workforce. Techteriors will help you set the mood you want to in your office space.


To learn more about our conference room technology and other audio visual services, contact Techteriors today.