Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Smart technology means smart home surveillance systems. Let Techteriors bring you peace of mind with the perfect video monitoring solution.

Custom Home Video Monitoring Systems for Your Safety

The technology of video recording has come a long way in the past several years. With Techteriors video monitoring systems, you won’t be staring at grainy images or swapping out memory devices for the recordings. We have multiple recording options and even remote access to view your cameras from almost anywhere. This system can be installed for convenience or as part of a larger security plan for your home.

Video surveillance cameras allow you to monitor your home from anywhere, at any time. They are a great compliment to your existing home security plan or as a foundation if you don’t have one already integrated. We offer security cameras and systems, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), and integrated video surveillance systems customized for your home indoors and outdoors. We will work with you to determine the number of cameras, their best placement, and how you want to control them.

Every home is different, and your video monitoring system should be unique as well. Your home security camera system can be controlled and accessed from your mobile phone, so you can watch the activity at your home when you’re not there and see who is knocking on your door from a doorbell camera. Be notified immediately when doors and windows are opened or if any motion is detected within your home. If you do have an emergency situation, your video surveillance can alert the authorities for you.

Wireless Video Monitoring Systems Made Simple

Setting up your own home security system probably sounds like a daunting task. This is one service that is best left to the professionals. The staff at Techteriors has the experience and the tools to implement a network of indoor and outdoor security cameras that fit your home environment. We want to give you security and peace of mind, without getting in your way.

Our video camera will be visible for the sake of security awareness, but not obstruct the appearance of your home. The visibility of cameras alone will often deter criminals from even attempting to intrude in someone’s home, but our systems look modern and won’t stick out. In fact, having a system like ours in place can add to the value of your home.

Keep An Eye On Your Loved Ones

Some special circumstances may call for other monitoring systems in your home if you have a baby or children to keep an eye on while you’re at work. Video technology can even help you care for pets and elderly family members. An integrated video monitoring system can be a low-cost way for you to create the safest environment for your family.

Secure, worry-free living from Techteriors.

Install The Perfect Video Monitoring System

From a single camera trained on your front door, to the complete home security suite including locks, lights, cameras, and playback of surveillance footage, Techteriors has you covered. Whatever your needs are, our expert staff can deliver in full. 

Call us today for a consultation and let us get started on making your world more secure.

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