Multi-Room Audio Video

Multi-Room Audio Video

Want to watch the game outdoors on the patio? Techteriors can make it happen.

A Sonic Solution, Optimized For You

Often referred to as distributed audio/video, a fully integrated home audio system will allow you to select the music or show you want and the room you want to hear it in. With distributed audio, you only need one player, that will allow you to hear it in any room! And with multi-room video system installed, you can reduce the components that go along with each TV. A total systems integration means you can control everything with the touch of a button.

If you want to bring video and sound to an outdoor space, we have you covered for that too. Our outdoor entertainment solutions let you watch a movie or a sporting event with all-weather TV’s from Media Decor that resist the elements, debris, and other outdoor conditions. Now you can watch the game from the comfort of your patio, pool, or spa which can all be controlled from one spot.

Share the sounds with Techteriors!

Customized Functionality

We will build the perfect streaming audio solution with speakers installed throughout your home. It all depends where you need the sound and who is listening:

Single source; single zone​ – All rooms have the same music. The control and volume adjustment is for all rooms and speakers. This is best if you want the music to follow you as you walk from room to room.

Single source; multi-zone​ – All rooms and sets of speakers still have the same music, but each room can individually adjust the volume. Some occupants may want a quiet atmosphere when others want to share in the fun.

Multi-source; multi-zone​ – Each room can select the source and volume for their AV systems. This may be all on one system or individualized systems.

Create The Spaces You Need

At Techteriors, customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we always start with what you want. We partner with the top names in home audio like B&W and Triad. We can help guide you through the process by helping you navigate the vast array of technology choices. Call us today and we can plan an integrated audio/video system that fits your needs and budget!

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