Lighting & Shade Control

Lighting & Shade Control

Whether you need a lighting solution in one room or your entire house, Techteriors has the perfect plan for you.

Perfect Lighting Makes The Difference

How you use natural and artificial light in your home makes a significant difference in the atmosphere and mood of each room. When you can control the intensity and source of your lighting, you can create the perfect, personalized space, filled with beautiful, organic lighting that is appropriate for watching a movie, playing a board game, or getting some work done.

When you use organic lighting, you will save electricity by not needing as much artificial light. Your lighting system can even be programmed to close the shades on hot, sunny days to keep your home cool. An automated lighting system will not only let you enjoy your indoor spaces, but with a more energy efficient home, you will enjoy lower energy costs.

A Lighting Solution Built For Your Needs

With lighting and shade control from Techteriors, you will get a customized, personal plan just for you and your home. We can install manual controls from a single interface or voice-activated controls to fit your needs and lifestyle. The range of options for controlled lighting and shades allow them to fit in a wide range of homes, styles, and budgets.

  • Control – Your shades and lighting can be controlled from a single interface, allowing you to block the sun or turn on all lights with a simple touch. We will install occupancy sensors that automatically turn the lights on when the room is being used and off when it is not. Your lighting can be programmed around what is happening within a specific room — entertaining, office work, relaxing, or watching tv. Control can be as simple as an app on your phone that allows you to control your lighting when you aren’t home.
  • Voice Control – Imagine being able to turn off all the lights in your house before you leave for the day by simply saying “goodbye” to your home. Your lighting, shades, and other home functions, can be controlled with voice commands which allows you to turn on all the lights you need when coming home with an armload of groceries.
  • Style – We will customize your lighting to suit your personal style. Our shades can be designed in a wide variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. From traditional to modern, we can suit any taste and any existing decor including wood blinds, Roman and vertical drapery, and even black-out and privacy shades for bedrooms. LED lighting also provides plenty of options for fun colors or intensity and can be customized for specific rooms or light fixtures.
  • Function – Sometimes certain rooms require special kinds of lights or shades. One example is a child’s playroom: cordless shades are safer for children, so they are often installed in rooms where the kids spend most of their time. They can be retrofitted into an existing home quite easily and are competitively priced with other non-motorized window treatments.

Any plan for any room.

We can design specialized lighting controls to suit your personality and needs.

Scalable and affordable convenience

The lighting pros at Techteriors will assess your current lighting needs and work with you to bring you the perfect solution for your home. Your automated lighting can be a standalone upgrade or integrated as part of a larger home automation system. Call us today to set up a consultation and start enjoying your living spaces.

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