Home Structured Wiring

Home Structured Wiring

 Is your home ready for today and the future? Let Techteriors make sure it can handle any new technology.

Why So Many Wires?

Your home is already wired for electricity, phone lines, and cable TV; what about security systems, a computer network, home theater, landscape lighting, or a multi-room audio video system? Whether you are rewiring your home or adding improvements, you need to be sure your wiring systems can handle new technology. Once your home is properly wired, it is simple to take advantage of any new, and ever-improving, technology or services as they become available. Structured wiring is both a physical product and a process. The wiring needs to be able to handle the advancements and technology you want and it needs to be installed properly, able to be expanded, and out of the way. The team of experts at Techteriors will make sure the job is done right the first time.

Time To Upgrade Your Existing Home

Chances are, technology wasn’t as advanced when your house was originally built. Home builders could not predict advances like home automation, computer networks, or smart home technology. Techteriors has the experience necessary to update your wiring so you can take advantage of all the new home systems your family will enjoy.

Keep your home current with properly structured wiring.

New Construction?

Techteriors will work with your builder to make sure the wiring from outside services works with the interior technology you need. The cost of a professionally installed structured cabling solution does not significantly increase the cost of building a home and gives you the benefit of having instant access to most current and future A/V equipment. Get us involved in your project early and we will make sure the process is seamless and easy.

Trust Techteriors

We have the experience you can trust to get the job done right. Techteriors will create a customized blueprint for your home or condo, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied. We will professionally wire your home with low-voltage cable, wire, or fiber options. We form long-term partnerships with our clients. Call us today for a consultation!

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