Millennials, those between 21 and 39, are the largest living generation. Theirs was the first to grow up with cable TV, the internet, and cell phones and they are beginning to dominate the workplace. But they initially come with a bad rap as they are often thought of as entitled, uncommitted, and lazy.

These labels are unfair. As Millennials fill the workforce it is becoming clear that they are driven by technology and they seek roles that give them the opportunity to combine their personal and professional environments. Here are some aspects of millennials in the workplace and how they use technology.

It’s not laziness, it is efficiency

Millennials grew up surrounded by technology that made things extraordinarily easier. Take a simple thing like a contacts list on a cell phone. Previous generations had to remember or write down commonly used phone numbers. Now they are stored in a phone. MIllennials take the same approach to business processes and the technology that surrounds them. If there is an easier way to do things, then why not do them? They have little patience for the bureaucracy involved with major business changes. If a chat program helps them communicate with co-workers easier, it shouldn’t take special requests and a month long approval process to use it. They want to be able to use everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Why work in an office?

Today’s technology makes it possible to bring different groups of people together, share documents and collaborate ideas, leading to the 9-5 workday quickly becoming a thing of the past. There are some jobs that require a commute, but Millennials increasingly feel that there is no need to actually be in the office in order to do work. They want to ability to stay in touch with office emails from anywhere, see documents on their mobile devices to take up some idle moments at the gym or grocery store, and if the inspiration for a new idea hits them at 4am they should be able to work as if they are in the office. Flexibility, communication and the ability to work remotely are job aspects that millennials value, and they are things that will keep them at a company.

We are all social creatures, technology makes that happen

Technology is something that Millennials use in all aspects of their lives, at home and on the job. Since they grew up entirely with technology, they view it as an essential, not an extra. Technology to them isn’t a replacement to social interaction, it is an enhancement of it.

Techteriors can keep you on the cutting edge

The millennials use of technology makes their generation unique and they are changing the workplace in ways that are making more traditional employers rethink how they use technology in the workplace.

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