Your conference room needs some love. Not necessarily a thorough vacuuming or a window cleaning, or even a coat of paint or new carpet, it could use a technological makeover.

Imagine you are a potential customer visiting your own business, what will you see and what will you do? You’ll probably be greeted by sales staff, given a tour of the office, and then brought to a large room that only consists of a table, some chairs, and a beaten coffee maker that should have been dropped off at Goodwill a long time ago. What does this say about your company?

Your meeting room should be seen as the command center of your business. It is a place where your employees will collaborate and solve problems, where you will interview job-seekers, and most importantly, where potential clients and guests will spend the most time in your office. Shouldn’t it be formal, comfortable, useful, and, for lack of a better word, awesome?

Here are some things to keep in mind when redesigning your conference room into the technological place of your dreams:

Company image – People from outside your company will want to know who you are, so show them! The conference room is a great place for awards, employee or client testimonials, pictures from the last interoffice softball game or perhaps, you want a more understated approach. This is a space where you can make a statement as a company, use it.

Lighting – It should be dimmable, integrated with your window shades, and controllable with the push of a button. This not only impressive, but it helps control the mood and feel of the meeting and makes video conferencing easier.

Amenities – Add a table for serving beverages and snacks or even a small refrigerator for long meetings. Think about your guests; Is there an appropriate place for their belongings? Somewhere accessible to charge their phones and devices?

Video conferencing/smart boards – Video conferencing technology can bring people together in a number of ways. Do you want individual monitors for all attendees? Or will one monitor suffice? Where will the smartboard go, and can it be seen by everyone at the table?

Table configuration – Your conference room table is much more than a surface to write on. It is a tool for collaboration and how it is set up can make that easier or harder depending on the shape. Sure, you can go with the standard oblong table, but would an oval or a U-shape allow for better collaboration?

Integration and control – The keyword for a modern conference room is control. You should have complete control over lighting, audio and video equipment, and any other state-of-the-art technology you have installed all in one control panel. It should be flexible enough to allow your guests to use it for their own presentations and user-friendly to avoid any embarrassing downtime when setting up.

At Techteriors, it is our mission to provide our commercial clients with technology to assist them in selling and delivering their products and services. This can start with a complete conference room overhaul. We specialize in audio visual installations and total business room makeovers. Call us today for a consultation and let us show you how our AV solutions can transform your meeting spaces!