Techteriors is the perennial leader in audiovisual automation and home theater installations in Wisconsin. We provide many users with some of the most state-of-the-art tools and resources in the technology industry. Recently, our team has partnered with smart home juggernauts, Lutron. Together, our teams have collaborated to develop a series of automated solution that helps reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency.

With the help of the Lutron tech support staff, we’re able to bring the luxury of electric blinds to any home, office, or commercial-sized facility. This is a solution that can help anyone mitigate the use of their utility controls. When we install a home theater or AV control system, we’ll compliment the solution with a Lutron blind. This delivers more comfortable and energy efficient lighting across the entire room.

Take a look at some of the most intuitive types of Lutron shade solutions that we have available:


The Serena blinds are remote-controlled shade systems, perfect for any interior design project. With one touch of a button, you can adjust the entire shading of the room. Just download the Lutron App and raise or lower the blinds to your comfort level. Serena blinds are light-textured fabrics and come in various assortments of sizes and colors.

Sivoia QS Triathlon:

The Sivoia QS Triathlon blinds by Lutron are some of the most cost-effective and fashionable motorized blinds available today. Available in a conventional honeycomb or various assortments of colors, you’ll be able to install this roller shade on windows with dimensions up to 144X144 inches. This is a battery-powered solution that can be retrofitted on any sized window frame.

Sivoia QS:

Sivoia QS is the ultimate motorized shade solution for boardrooms, movie theaters, and meeting centers. With the Sivoia QS, you get a layer of horizontal roller shades in addition to motorized drapery systems. Just press the light switch on the wall and bring in the perfect amount of natural light for everyone in the room.

Sivoia QS Wireless:

Similar to the Sivoia QS Triathlon, the QS Wireless model is a great solution for homeowners. This is a dark-textured shading system that is scalable for any residential size window frame. Control single shades or the entire system with the click of a button wherever you are.

Palladium Shading System:

This is an elegant shading system found supporting most wide-fit window frames. The Palladium shading system is designed to cover any exposed applications without a fascia, pocket, or recess. This is a robust solution to give your home or office a sophisticated and sleek look.

Contract Roller Shades:

If you own a commercial space, then this might be the most ideal window shading solution for you. These are automated shading solutions that can be lowered or raised on a timer or by the demand of the facility director. This helps you conserve larger amounts of energy and generate more natural light in a larger space.

Hyperion Solar-Adaptive Shading:

Hyperion solar-adaptive shades automatically adjust throughout the day. As the sun rises, so do the shades. When the sun sets, the shades close. This gives you the ability to save energy, reduce glare, and heat generated from the sun.