What impresses you? Everyone’s answer will be a little different and more specific but as a business professional, someone that spends plenty of time in office spaces, when was the last time you were impressed by someone’s building? Maybe you visited a financial services company, and they had a stock ticker in their elevator? How about that building that had a great sound system in their lobby? Or could it have been that conference room with the automated blinds that were synched with the lighting fixtures to automatically create the perfect lighting? Could it have been that meeting where the CEO controlled every piece of technology with a single tablet control system?


Great audio visual interior design is something that can be both subtle and refined as well as extraordinary and extravagant. Superior AV integration is when everything works perfectly, there are no interruptions or delays, and your guests and employees aren’t muttering about the “crappy internet” when their devices won’t work as they expect them to. It is light and color combined with integrated sound, comfort, intelligence, forward thought, your business’ culture, and a little common sense. And when you have great office spaces, it makes a huge difference.

Here is what we consider great AV design:


Reliability – Sound, video, internet, displays, communications, lighting, all of it has to work when you need it to. Not just individually either, they have to work together because what is great video when the sound doesn’t work? How can you have a teleconference when your remote members can’t connect? Great audio visual system design means reliable technology, every time and this means selecting technology not solely on price but functionality and synergy with existing equipment.


Style – True, business can be conducted anywhere, but remember that your office is more than bare walls, some tables and desks, and the coffee machine. It is a representation of all the hard work and dedication you and your staff have put into your organization. It is the good years and the bad, the great decisions and the abysmal. Great AV design puts a little history, style, and character into the mix. The simple truth is if you want your office spaces to have these qualities they don’t have to be composed of the most expensive hardware available, but it can have some style.


Intelligence – Great systems are smart and expandable. You may not be able to justify spending for that state of the art LED screen for the lobby just yet, but when you can, your system should be able to make installation a snap. The component itself will have a price tag, there is no reason it should be any higher because you have to rewire walls or install outlets.

Only one step away

Great AV integration and design are only a simple click or phone call to Techteriors away. Let us know what you want your office spaces to accomplish. Tell us what impresses you, what you need out of your av system, and we can make it happen. Our design engineers are experts at creating new and unique spaces. You work hard, and at the end of the day, your office spaces should be something you are proud of. And all it takes are a few changes that can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. They won’t break the bank. They won’t disrupt your operations or your employees. They will cause you to look around and be impressed by how comfortable, intelligent, and awesome your surroundings are. And that makes all the difference.