The future of business communications begins with the Crestron Flex series. This innovative touchscreen technology is the perfect solution for any boardroom or office meeting. The Flex solution is the latest innovation of audio and visual juggernauts, [Crestron Electronics]. With this communication and collaboration tool in place, you’ll be able to host a business presentation without all the headaches that come along with the setup.


As a certified partner, Techteriors is proud to be one of the first IT providers to bring the new Flex series to market. Soon, this solution will be available for companies everywhere. We will offer any of the Flex solutions as a compliment to any of our AV service bundles.


  • P100 Series: A Voice-over desk phone touchscreen control system.
  • M100 Series: Tabletop conferencing system.
  • B100 Series: Wall-mount smart soundbar solution.
  • C100 Series: user-interface digital meeting solution.


Crestron tech support has developed a plethora of new applications that can enhance your entire workforce. These are some of the top benefits for you to take advantage of:

Easy Connectivity:

Make any area of your office your own personal workspace. You can set up the Crestron Flex anywhere there is a TV monitor, desktop, or telephone system. This is a portable platform that can be plugged into your laptop with a single cable. You can also pair your mobile device to the platform if you’re on the go.

Less Downtime:

No need to have Crestron support on speed dial. Just plug in the connector cable and operate on the user-friendly interface system. There’s no laggy downtime in between the setup and connection process. The Crestron Flex deploys information at extremely high-speeds so you won’t be waiting around.

Better Collaboration and Communication:

Crestron programming makes it easy for people to connect with one another. You have the ability to connect with people in other work settings, even from long-distance remote locations. Share and secure files with ease. This makes it easy to accomplish any task you need and improves your teamwork as a whole.


As your business grows, you can bring more people into your network with ease. When you If you need to add more touch screens or remote systems, you can certainly do so. It just takes one phone call and Techteriors will deploy the infrastructure and hardware to support all your employees in the operation.

Enhanced Sound Quality:

The wireless soundbar of the B100 series projects high-definition sound quality all around. You can now easily fill the entire space with the sound of your presentation. In turn, this will minimize the number of people asking you to repeat things.

Elegance and Appeal:

The beautiful and stylish touch screen solution is the perfect utility for any office setting. Crestron Flex systems are cutting-edge tools that give your business technology a lot of pizzazz and flare. No more ugly or bulky hardware sitting on your desk or in the middle of the conference room table.

Fewer Technical Disruptions:

Technical disruptions can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. When you need to make a business presentation or share some important data, there’s nothing more infuriating than IT interruptions. With the Crestron Flex, you won’t experience many of these technical errors.