Workplaces are noisy. No matter what your business is, or how many people you have in a workspace, ambient noise can be a real distraction. People tend to congregate near cubicles to have conversations, machinery can produce a symphony of noise, and employees may not be able to escape from hearing Corporate Accounts Payable answer the phone 5 or 6 times a minute. Noise is distracting, and unless you supply your employees with noise-cancelling headphones, it inadvertently creates an unpleasant and potentially hostile working environment.


Fortunately,Techteriors has an easy and effective solution. Strategically placed noise cancelling panels can make a huge difference in the level of ambient sound that pollutes your open spaces. Here is how they work:


First, it is important to understand that sound absorption panels are not soundproofing. Sound proofing prevents sound from travelling and usually consists of dense materials that are built into walls when a structure is constructed. Sound absorption is a process where sound waves are taken in by soft surfaces and are intended to reduce sound and echoes within a space.


This is usually accomplished by placing panels around the workspace in strategic locations to absorb echoes and ambient noises like sonic sponges. This will reduce the noise from traffic outside, noise from the elevator, noise from Corporate Accounts Payable, any source.


What are the benefits of sound absorbing panels?


They are much cheaper than soundproofing – And more effective too. Soundproofing requires materials be built into the walls. Both methods reduce the ambient noise in an area, but sound absorption panels can be installed at any time.


They are effective at reducing echo, reverberation, and volume – This is the trifecta of office and workplace noise. Most workspaces are large rooms with high ceilings and hard surfaces where sound just bounces and reverberates. When people can’t hear each other they tend to speak louder, even if the person they are talking to are only a few feet away. This shouting and echoes and reverberations combine into a low roar of sonic chaos. Absorption panels stop this sound from bouncing around.


They improve sound quality – Background noise is tough even for people with excellent hearing to handle when they are trying to concentrate on speech from a single source. When you improve the acoustics of a room, you improve the sound coming from that single source which makes conversations easier to understand and ambient music softer and clearer,


They can make the office look great – Acoustic panels come in a wide variety of colors, materials, shapes, sizes, and textures. They can even be customized with artwork, pictures, or your corporate logo. They are a piece of equipment that can go beyond function and add a beautiful and striking element to any workspace.


Call Techteriors to keep the noise down

We have helped many offices like yours improve the acoustics of your workspaces and bring a little peacefulness to your rooms. Quieter rooms are more pleasant to work in and makes it easier to block out the sounds that surround us so we can concentrate and get more work done.


If you need to turn the volume down, call Techteriors today. We will assess your spaces and give you some options your employees, and their ears, can life with.