Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Keep noisy distractions out of the office with a sound-masking solution from Techteriors.

What Is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the process of adding background sound to reduce noisy distractions, keep conversations private, and increase office comfort, according to Cambridge. It’s an artform at which our experts are proficient.

Our active sound-masking technology introduces a specially engineered white noise into any office space. Strategically placed speakers emit a slight “whooshing” sound similar to gentle airflows or running water. This soft static vibration enhances human speech as it blends naturally with the sounds of people talking. So whether you’re having a conversation over the phone or across the cubicle, sound-masking equipment will help project smoother, more clear sound.

Why Sound Masking Is Important to Your Business

So why do you need this, exactly? The right sound-masking technology can have an impact on the way your employees perform. Cambridge has proven sound masking to be helpful when you need to reduce noisy distractions, protect speech privacy, and improve workplace acoustics.

Unlike other noise-canceling solutions, the sound-masking system does not produce any disruptive noise. Though you aren’t able to notice the white noise when the system is running, you’ll be sure to miss it once it’s shut off. Anyone speaking won’t be compelled to talk over it, while the people listening won’t have strain to hear over it. Sound-masking systems allow you to create acoustically comfortable background noise to reduce distractions and mask sound that can’t be blocked or absorbed by other methods.

Keep the noise level down by introducing office sound-masking technology to your work environment.

Sometimes, a Space Can Be Too Quiet

In many business spaces—especially open plan office layouts—noises from a normal day can affect speech privacy and employee concentration. This makes it difficult for employees to perform critical tasks such as conducting business presentations or interviewing candidates.

The problem is most office environments have very little ambient background sound to blend with speech and incidental noises. And businesses often try combating these issues by putting more employees in smaller spaces, but, unfortunately, that tends to backfire. People need an appropriate level of silence in their working environment because even the slightest noise seems amplified. This causes a jarring distraction and can hinder productivity.

Subsequently, a quiet workspace isn’t always a good thing. In fact, a quiet environment can actually make communication more difficult. For instance, a speaker may think people are listening in on their conversations, making employees and visitors nervous about speaking above a whisper.

Fortunately, effective sound masking is one of our specialties at Techteriors. Our noise-masking solutions help generate the best sound quality for any open office community. This cutting-edge technology can turn any noisy office into a tranquil, productive acoustical environment as it buries distracting commotions with a soft and peaceful white noise.

Techteriors Can Help With All Your Sound-Masking Needs

The Techteriors team works tirelessly to help companies maintain a long-term edge. When it comes to workplace sound, privacy and efficiency are the two most critical components, and we do everything to enhance them both.

Our sound engineers measure the decibel level in your workplace and install the perfect solution to help keep your employees on track, while protecting their speech privacy. Reduce hallway noise, provide the ideal solution for call centers, and soften loud sounds in waiting rooms and lobbies with active sound masking. Some sound-masking systems can be used for paging or music as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a public or private office setting, because our team will be there to promote better sound quality, eliminate noisy distractions, and create a more productive work environment. When you’re ready to take advantage of better volume control, eliminate unwanted sounds, and increase office comfort, contact us to learn more about our sophisticated office noise-masking solutions.

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