Sound Abatement

Sound Abatement

Techteriors will assess your workspaces and help you control the noise.

How does noise affect your workplace?

When facility managers think of providing a comfortable workspace, one aspect often overlooked is noise level. Printers, HVAC equipment, and chatty co-workers may not be very loud on their own, but when combined they can impair how your employees function in your office environment. If you have loud machinery, your employees can be exposed to potentially damaging noise on a daily basis.

Can you hear me now?

The noise levels in your workplace can make it a challenging acoustical environment to carry a conversation or even focus on simple tasks. To make things more difficult, the amount of noise your workplace generates may not be avoidable due to machinery or location. Fortunately, most of this is avoidable with the right technology. Techteriors offers a wide range of options and acoustics products to help you relieve the wall of sound that surrounds your employees.

Sound Masking​ – Speakers can be installed strategically throughout your office that emit an engineered “white noise” that blends with the sounds in your office and reduces the amount of ambient noise in the room. This is effective for waiting rooms, call centers, and offices where even the slightest noise can carry.

Sound Absorption Materials​ – These materials prevent sound waves from bouncing off hard surfaces like walls or ceilings. Acoustic foam isn’t totally soundproof, but it will absorb sound and reduce the amount of sound that can travel throughout your workspace.

Sound Absorption Panels​ – These fabric-wrapped wall panels are a cost-effective way to reduce noise and create a more comfortable workspace for your employees. These work well for large rooms like conference rooms, auditoriums, and waiting areas. Techteriors can design them in any shape and with a variety of colors and fabrics to create the perfect sounding space without sacrificing style.

Provide your employees with a comfortable workspace.

Techteriors can help you save your employees from a sonic attack.

Diffusion vs. Absorption

Room acoustics can be handled and controlled in one of these two ways. In fact, they work in unison to create the perfect listening or recording space. Absorption does exactly that – it removes the sound completely through foam materials. This technique is used to soak up high-frequency sounds or to trap extreme low-end bass sounds. Diffusion panels may look like strange artwork, but in reality, they break up the sound waves and spread them throughout the environment evenly. This helps control medium and high-end frequencies and helps you create the “sweet spot” for the best possible stereo sound.

Improve your workspaces with Techteriors

When you reduce the amount and intensity of sound in a room, you help your employees be more productive, reduce their stress, and make the workplace a more private, comfortable space to work. Techteriors will help design the perfect solution to any noise issue in your workspace. Our technicians are trained in noise reduction and will make sure your solution is within your scope and budget. Call us today for an assessment, and we can start turning down the noise.

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