Lightning & Shade Control

Lighting & Shade Control

 Wouldn’t it be nice if your lights knew when they weren’t needed? Automate your lighting and window shades with Techteriors.

Quality Lighting Makes A Big Difference

Proper lighting is often ignored in many office buildings, but in reality, it makes all the difference when it comes to providing a comfortable space for visitors or employees. Controlling the light also affects temperature control as shades and indoor lighting to work in unison to limit the amount of natural light when it is not needed. Lighting also helps make a great impression as you can program your lighting to have the shades go up or down to make your conference room ready for the meeting before you walk in the door.

Save Money

Lighting control and efficiency is an important issue for large facilities like hospitals, hotels, and warehouses. The lights should always be on, and a small number of changes to more efficient lighting fixtures and smart light solutions like automated shading and occupancy sensors can make an incredible and immediate difference in energy costs. Our solutions are completely scalable! Whether you need to reimagine a reception area or an entire office, we have a complete solution. If reduced energy consumption is your goal, we can help you find the right mix of equipment and control so you can start saving money with the touch of a button. The key to energy efficiency is control, and we can make all lighting and motorized shades controllable from a wall mounted touch screen or even your smartphone or tablet.

Set a bright mood with Techteriors

We can deliver any custom solution for your workspace

You interact with light daily, so it’s important to be able to control all aspects of it. Techteriors can give you the tools to control all sources of artificial and natural light with shade control and color tuning so you can get emulate bright daylight all the way down to soft candlelight. We can also install shades in hard to reach areas like skylights and vaulted ceilings. Automated Shading and Lighting Systems from Techteriors can help. In combination with our Smart Office Systems, we streamline this process: let in the light during the day, and close up at night, for added security and privacy.

We have your perfect lighting control solution

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Techteriors can alleviate any lighting challenge your company faces, whether you have a large bank of windows that face the sun or are looking to make your facility more eco-friendly and energy efficient, our expert staff can find the right solution. Call us today for a free consultation.

LED lighting systems are far superior to traditional lighting. Let Techteriors show how you can save a bundle on energy costs.