Climate Control Systems

Climate Control Systems

 Automated climate control can keep your efficiency high, your energy costs low, and your building’s temperature somewhere in between.

Streamline Your Operations

Automated climate control means integrating your heating and cooling systems into a single interface. Techteriors can automate the HVAC systems in your office building to work at optimal efficiency during certain times of the day. We install motion sensors in your building or in certain zones of your building, so that the room sense the occupancy and adjust the climate accordingly. More efficient operation means your building is comfortable when you need it to be and your HVAC system isn’t constantly cycling on and off. This means improved efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Instant Access

Techteriors can expand your climate control system to allow you to access and change your building’s remotely from your computer or smartphone. This means you can adjust the building temperature on the weekends or off hours to reduce energy use and lower costs when you are away.

Keep your cool with automated climate controls

Quality Equipment and Service

We engineer and install automated climate control technology from industry leading companies like Lutron and Crestron to provide you with the best possible controls. Our control systems can be wall mounted or table top and they combine the operations of several devices including humidity sensors and thermostats. We can even customize faceplates and styles with your company logo or message for that perfect look.

The Techteriors Advantage

A comfortable environment is important to your employees and customers. Call us today for a consultation and our staff will work with you and your facilities team to identify your current HVAC control issues and gain a solid grasp on what needs to be done to solve them. From design, through installation, and beyond, the job isn’t done until you are satisfied with the result. Call us today and start enjoying instant energy savings from automated climate control!

The best in customer satisfaction. Techteriors will make sure your commercial climate control system is running at top efficiency.