AV Integration

AV Integration

One interface to control many technologies. Let Techteriors handle your AV integration.

What is AV integration?

A well-designed, fully-automated conference room packed full of cutting-edge technology is a beautiful thing. The shades leap up and room lights dim at the touch of a button. Your conference call participants calling in from Honolulu, Beijing, and Kalamazoo are connected and displayed on your seamless multi-screen digital display. Employees are sharing files over the network. Everything is working as intended, but how did it get that way?

With this level of complexity, how you integrate all these components goes a long way to how they ultimately work. Since no single company makes all these different technologies, the challenge is how to get all of them to communicate and work together and provide control of all devices from a single interface.
Audio/visual integration may be a complicated process, but The AV design engineers at Techteriors are have the experience to combine all of your technology into a custom interfaced solution.

Do you know if all of your AV technology can communicate with each other?

One solution can combine them all.

The Techteriors Process

Site visit​ – Your integration project starts with our free consultation visit to your building where we will conduct a technical survey and take measurements of your meeting room or any common areas. We will inventory your current technology and any video conferencing equipment

Consultation​ – The most important part is matching your expectations with a comprehensive plan. We will discuss whatever upgrades or updates your business needs that will benefit your facility. We will include what existing technology will help satisfy those needs and what needs to
be replaced. Not all technologies can effectively talk to each other, especially if the components are old or from hard to find manufacturers.

Implementation​ – Once you are satisfied with the plan, we will execute the project to your exact specifications, to exact building code, and to the budget you set. We will work with you every step of the way.

The Techteriors Advantage

When you want to integrate all the diverse technologies in your meeting room or throughout your entire facility, turn to Techteriors. We aren’t done after the installation company, our goal is to form lasting partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand the application of the room and how your business will use it. We have world-class programmers that have the technological know-how to meet the needs of your project. Our AV pros know all the latest technology inside and out and will make sure the solution we provide is what your business is looking for. Our professional project managers will make sure the entire project is done on time and within budget. Give Techteriors a call to schedule a free consultation visit today!

Keep the IT confusion to a minimum with help from Techteriors.