Access Controls

Access Controls

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Take Your Office To The Next Level

With a door access control system, you can determine who enters your building and at what time. Techteriors will install a secure proximity card reader system, fingerprint and biometric scanners, and RFID access control solutions to control access to your building and other designated rooms. This gives you the flexibility to create restricted areas and secure sensitive information or restrict access to valuable or hazardous inventory and property such as computer servers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical equipment, and patient or client records.

Does Your Business Need A Digital Access Control System?

A managed security system has a number of different features that will help you keep your employees, customers, and sensitive data and inventory safe. With a digital access control system you can:

  • Track employees – An access control system will give you full reports of what employees are using certain areas of your building and when. A cloud-based access control system will also give you the capability to receive alerts to know when someone has entered or left your facility.
  • Allow after-hours access – Your employees can have access to your building at any time or during hours that you set. This is helpful when your employees need the flexibility to come in off-hours.
  • Deny access to terminated employees – A digital access system can restrict access to employees who no longer need it. When an employee leaves your company, you can simply delete their access from the system. This reduces the cost of having to get every lock re-keyed.
  • Scale your systems – Techteriors can expand your control as your business grows, allowing you to expand access to multiple doors or access points and even between different buildings.

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No more lost keys or stranded employees. An access control system can simplify employee access.