An outdoor TV can be an important focal point to your outdoor entertaining space. Imagine being able to stay at the grill when the ballgame goes into extra innings, or how cool will that next sleepover be when the kids can watch the latest superhero movie outside by the pool?

However, this idea isn’t as simple as taking an indoor TV and mounting it on an outside wall. Regular indoor TVs aren’t made to be viewed in the outdoor sun and are meant to be used in climate-controlled environments. If an indoor TV gets wet, it can pose a significant safety and health risk. Even if the location is protected by a patio roof, if it is going to live outside, your equipment must be specially designed to work safely in conditions that would destroy an indoor TV. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect outdoor TV:

Weather conditions
Outdoor TVs are designed to withstand the extremes of direct sunlight, bugs, blowing winds, torrential rain, salt air and extreme temperatures. Most TV’s that are intended for outdoor use can handle temperatures ranging from -24F to 120F. They are also designed to control humidity and condensation internally.

Where you put the TV will determine how much sunlight it gets and if it will be directly exposed to the elements. The more direct sunlight your screen is exposed to will determine how bright the screen needs to be. Also keep in mind how busy the area around the TV will be. Grills, outdoor fireplaces, pools, and wayward footballs are all enemies of outdoor technology, and if your TV will be near these hazards you will want to consider a model with safety glass or aluminum casing.

Outdoor TV’s can be as large as 75 inches, but bigger isn’t always better. Consider where your guests will be viewing your TV. It should be large enough so they can see it from any viewing location but small enough, so it doesn’t dominate the space.

Your entertaining area may already feature an outdoor sound system, and your outdoor TV can be integrated with existing wired speakers for an immersive surround-sound experience. Even if you aren’t already wired, most outdoor TV’s have great integrated sound systems.

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, an all-weather TV can be a great addition to the perfect backyard party, especially when combined with an outdoor sound system. Techteriors can help you integrate the perfect TV into your outdoor space. Call us today to get started!