Your meeting rooms are an extremely important part of your office. They are where you collaborate with your colleagues and where you introduce your clients to new products and services. Your meeting and conference rooms should have high-quality AV solutions that make it easy to connect with your clients and employees. Here are seven ways you can upgrade your meeting room AV technology to offer excellent customer service and collaboration with employees and clients:

Install Wireless Presentation Solutions

Wireless presentation technology allows you and your colleagues to share screens and presentation materials easily. Without it, you’re most likely stuck messing with adapter cords instead of being able to collaborate. This conference room technology encourages a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) format in which every employee can view the presentation on their preferred device. The meeting format also allows remote BYOD participation, so contract workers, freelancers, and other off-site employees can contribute their ideas.

Use Video Conferencing

This overlaps with BYOD meeting styles in that it brings remote employees into the conference room. However, this meeting room technology can also bring your clients into the meeting. It provides face-to-face interaction with your clients in your meeting space, allowing them to give you feedback on your current services and projects. A video conference can be much easier to set up than a physical meeting, so this is a conference room AV solution you should consider if you have a difficult time scheduling face-to-face meetings with your clients.

Use Integrated Room Scheduling

This meeting room AV solution can save you a lot of time and confusion. Integrated room scheduling makes it easy to reserve a room, and it helps prevent interruptions caused by scheduling misunderstandings. Intelligent room reservation systems include a touch panel installed in or just outside the meeting room, as well as a user interface that you and your colleagues can access from computers, smartphones, and tablets.

That way, you can schedule or cancel a meeting with the touch of a button no matter how near or far you are from the meeting room itself. Additionally, these systems are compatible with a wide range of online calendar platforms, so you can keep all your departments informed no matter which platform they use. Then everyone can coordinate, and they can even check the current occupancy status of each meeting room.

Automate and Integrate Your Conference Room Technology

You can choose to automate your meeting room AV solutions and integrate them into one platform. This type of system integrator goes beyond pulling just your video conferencing system and your digital whiteboard onto the same platform. You can automate utility-based AV solutions, too, such as lighting, window shades, and audio equipment. Putting the controls for all of these systems in one place will help you start your meetings more quickly, since you won’t have to deal with physical switches, plugs, and cords. Overall, centralizing these systems will simplify how you manage your meeting rooms.

Keep Some Technology Hidden

Drop-down video displays and hidden speakers are just two discrete meeting room audiovisual solutions. Having mobile or hidden AV solutions in your meeting and conference rooms allows you to open up space so you can invite everyone you need. Technology you can hide or remove also stays out of sight when you don’t need it, helping to avoid needless clutter.

AV Solutions for Your Meeting Room Needs

If you’re interested in applying any of these AV solutions to your meeting or conference rooms, contact us today. We can design solutions that will fit your space and help you improve your meeting room collaboration strategies.