When it comes down to it, the conference room is one of the more important places in your building. In fact, it may be the most important. Think about what goes on in there, meetings with employees, visitors, and clients, conference calls, job interviews, birthday parties, or baby showers. People will spend more time in there than in the lobby, hallways, or elevator, so it has to be a place people want to go to.


This means the important qualities of a good conference room are comfort, accessibility, style, technology, and this is what a premier audio/visual integration specialist like Techteriors can do for you. Our design engineers will incorporate the features and functions that are important to you and your business and we can wrap it up in a professional, sleek appearance. Here are some reasons and ways your conference room can be the centerpiece of your building.

Supercharge your meetings

The more senses you appeal to, the more the audience will remember, and the more effective your presentations will be. Techteriors can design an audio and visual environment that allows you to engage your audience, get your point across, and leave them wanting more. Audio and video conferencing have come a long way and simple conference calls can now be enhanced with total audio and video integration. From a central display that can be seen by all participants, to individualized video screens, all can be combined with whiteboards, projectors, or computer screens.

Provide technology that is reliable and easy to use

Nothing ruins the flow of a meeting more than issues with projectors, audio, or connectivity. This is frustrating and unnecessary. Well designed conference rooms have integrated controls that puts all the technology at your fingertips. Control internet access, connectivity to the audio/visual equipment, control the blinds, get notifications that the cake has been delivered, all in one place. And the best AV systems don’t require an electrical engineering degree to learn and use. Your AV control system should allow anyone to control anything at anytime.


Everyone is welcome

Video conferencing is nothing new, but allowing all participants in a meeting equal screen time is tricky when you have one screen. Get all the decision-makers involved with multiple video conferencing screens.

Customizable and sensible

Not all business spaces are created alike. Your conference room can be purpose-built or it may be a spare room that has been converted. They can be different shapes and sizes, have different materials and acoustics. Our professional design team will take all of these idiosyncrasies into account when designing your

Show off

Your conference room is a reflection of your company. Some companies use it as a display for awards they have won, pictures of employees, or testimonials from clients. The conference room is a great space to display your culture, Your company is as unique as a fingerprint and our designers will incorporate your unique culture and style with the technology you need to create a uniform look and feel.

If you want to give your conference room a technological facelift, call Techteriors. Our AV integration experts will make sure technology and your corporate culture merge perfectly.