When you’re in a well-designed room, it just feels different. Walls meet neatly, and people move about effortlessly. The lighting is never too harsh or too dim as artificial and natural sources work in perfect harmony. And in the case of technology, the LED displays, internet, and audio in the room all work when it matters most.


Great AV integration isn’t always about using the biggest and brightest and best. The mark of a professional AV system installation is how the technology fits in the space. A practical, well-designed and fully implemented space is an asset to your business. Think of the impression you would get when visiting a potential vendor’s office and as they prepare for a presentation they wheel in a metal cart with a TV from 1996 strapped to it. If this is the kind of thought they put into something as simple as their conference room AV system, what does that say about the rest of the company?


Techteriors was built on providing superior technology solutions to our customers. Our designs and ideas take what you need and make it work with what you already have to create a pleasant and state-of-the-art presentation.


Here are a few characteristics of high-caliber audio-visual integration and design.

1.    A focus on function

The “wow factor” is certainly great but AV systems designers take into account function and usability when designing a conference or common space. This comes from meeting with your company, understanding your needs, and designing a space that looks great and fits the budget. Addressing any issues with space early in the design phase and taking into account the views of users, managers, facility staff will go a long way to creating a space that meets your needs.


     2.  Anticipate future needs

Your system should be able to evolve as your company grows, your needs change, and especially as technology improves. A well-designed space will focus on meeting the needs of the present, as well as potential uses for the future.


      3.  Low Maintenance

High-quality components don’t always translate into low maintenance. As we go through the design process we will give you options for things like speakers, displays, video-conferencing equipment, control systems, and any other AV technology you want to incorporate in the design. Additionally, we will instruct you on the cost and attention you will need to give your equipment to make sure it is running at its best.


      4.  Be flexible, and lasting

Interactive whiteboards and LED displays are great tools but remember that they replaced technology that was common a decade ago. The pace at which technology changes can be a bit frightening, especially to companies that want to keep up with the times, but do so on a budget. Good designers keep up with the latest in technology, but they also look at the technology that has the power to last and offer these products as ones that will give you the most value.


       5.  Precision and care

Before you hire someone to renovate your new space, ask to look at previous projects. If you can, visit them and take a look at the details. Are wires organized and kept out of the way? Or did the designer just plan to have them coiled at everyone’s feet? Does the technology work as it is intended to? It’s these and thousands of other small details that set an okay AV designer apart from a great one.


If you are ready to renovate your common spaces, give the design engineers at Techteriors a call.